Internet services


Internet (P2P)


This service is characterized by the use of high-tech devices and frequency and global originals, which ensure wide coverage and non-interference and interruption, It is worth mentioning that this service provides high-capacity packages that can address the problems of subscribers through a single point of connection while maintaining the speed prescribed for each user individually.

The company provides a pure Internet package (unbreakable) based on reliable sources, and is prepared and ready to carry out any technical work from the installation, maintenance and processing of all government departments, universities and civil companies with high credibility, as the sources of packages connected by optical fiber ), And a backup (backup) to ensure continuity of service and non-interruption of service for any reason.

Internet protected


Our company provides customers with a secure Internet service to keep your information under your direct and complete control, not to be hacked or accessed by anyone else without your permission, and to be aware of the risks of allowing someone to access your personal information.