About AlKafeel Omnnea


who are we


Established in 2007, Al-Kefil Umniah is a full-fledged IT lifecycle in addition to its wireless communications and system development services to meet the needs of its residential and commercial customers. The company's arsenal of professionals and competencies who develop communication systems and their applications, program and project management, systems engineering, business process analysis and re-engineering, quality assurance and quality control, and business continuity planning.

The company's headquarters are located in Iraq in the city of Babel-Kefl-Hor Sultan specifically. The sponsor also has branch offices located in Basra and Baghdad, all of which enjoy maximum protection, with efficient performance. Currently, more than 300 employees in the company are working with the best skills, skills and knowledge. The presence of the offices of the security sponsor in Iraq and the fact that the employees are all Iraqis provide the advantage of providing the sponsor's security products and services at the appropriate time and cost.

The sponsor provides a wide variety of high quality communications services and information technology inside and outside Iraq. Because it is an Iraqi company, it has a close knowledge of the Iraqi market and the technology used in the region, which added to the company an additional advantage that enabled it to compete in the market inside and outside Iraq. The management team of the Umniah sponsor, who is highly experienced in the field of global communications and working side by side with the dedicated and experienced staff keen to keep abreast of the technological developments in the world and this feature formed the necessary elements for the company's prosperity in the largest local and regional telecommunications markets.

Our vision


The sponsor aims to connect its customers with the wireless communications revolution through a wide range of high quality services. We are aiming to gain a new dimension of the technology world with a focus on research and development, and information technology to develop programs to meet the needs of our customers in Iraq and the region. As we adopt this vision, we are working hard to become one of the first providers of telecommunications services and solutions And integrated systems in Iraq.

Our goal


To exceed the expectations of customers, employees and business people by providing them with a comprehensive and unique communication experience. By not compromising on integrity, loyalty and commitment to the highest standards of business service development, we aim to provide our customers with a leading and unprecedented communication service.

Our Values


The sponsor is committed to a set of core values that contribute not only to the success of the company but also as a source of continuous guidance for doing business, including the following:
- Integrity with everything we do and in our relationship with our customers and shareholders. We are committed to full honesty and integrity in all our actions.
- Quality of our products and services. Be careful and strict with all necessary measures to ensure that there is no compromise whatsoever on the quality of our products and services.
Excellence in customer service is the hallmark of our existence. We recognize that adhering to service standards that customers expect from us is critical to our business, and we are therefore committed to excellence and excellence.